Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cyleina Organic Soaps - Top Beauty Secrets - Revealed

Having a beautiful, smooth, soft, young-looking and healthy skin shall never be difficult and expensive with Cyleina Organic Soaps. With these beauty secrets and regimens, it has always been so much fun and very affordable.

I personally use Cyleina organic soaps as I am not that much blessed with a silky smooth, cotton-soft, and flawless skin. Working a lot and for more than a decade, it has given me much stress, which I perfectly know has damaged and affected my skin.

When I realized that I needed to work on with my skin and had to find and venture in many different ways just to keep a glowing skin, I started researching. From one web page to another, from one forum or online discussion to the next, as well as from various blogs I have read, I tried different skin care products. Some of them worked somehow; some worked better; thus, some never worked at all.

Despite my experiences, I still continued to find those products that would suit me best. Finally, I have come across Cyleina Organic Skin Care Products. And honestly, I was so amazed and happy with the kind of results it has given me since day 1.

And to reiterate, I will forever be a Cyleina Organic Soap user. I love it and today, I can perfectly tell you that I do love myself more - enjoying beauty confidence at its best. Yes, I know I am beautiful in my own extraordinary ways. And of course, I am beautiful in my hubby's eyes. Right, dad? =)

Now, I am one of their authorized RESELLERS and have finally started sharing the good news to everyone - my fellow lovely women! Beauty is confidence - 100% guaranteed! :)

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Happy Shopping :-) With us, Beauty is Fun!

♥♥♥ Mai Raine ♥♥♥

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Love Icy Delight Scrambles!

Ice Scramble is so Back!

Every Juan dela Cruz has surely tasted a cup of this yummy, cold treat - iskrambol, ice scrumble or ICE SCRAMBLE. Many, many years ago, this was widely seen along the streets.

Today, Icy Delight Scrambles, Filipino's version of smoothies, has taken its enticing ways and creative efforts to give our all-time fave ice scrambles some new twists. With its variety of yummy and colorful toppings to choose from, you surely could not resist its appealing taste and charm; you could hardly say no.

The return of iskrambol is fun and very exciting; it simply gives every Pinoy the thrill to chill out, relax, unwind and reminisce the good, fun and old days of their childhood years.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a creamy, yummy and addictive cup of ice scramble today and see how Icy Delight Scrambles can satisfy your cravings. Indulge in your most affordable and most delicious cup/s today and reward yourself!

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